Mansfield, MA. – October 30, 1986

Mansfield, Massachusetts – October 30, 1986     

     On October 30, 1986, a student pilot with his instructor were at the controls of a single-engine Cessna 152 making practice runs over the Mansfield Airport.  The student was wearing a special hood that only allowed him to see his instrument panel as he received training in instrument flying. 

     Meanwhile, a twin-engine Piper Navajo with three people aboard was passing through the area on its way from Providence to Boston’s Logan Airport.   Both aircraft collided in mid-air 2,500 feet over the airport    

     A portion of the Piper’s tail section penetrated the cockpit of the Cessna and broke off, and the instructor suffered a broken leg when it did so.  Additionally, one of the landing gear struts was also torn away by the impact.  Despite his injury, the instructor took control of the aircraft and made an emergency crash-landing at Mansfield airport.  The instructor was transported to a hospital for treatment.

     Meanwhile the Piper flew to Norwood Airport where it too made an emergency landing.  There were no reported injuries aboard the Piper.


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