Long Island Sound – June 24, 1943

Long Island Sound – June 24, 1943


Lockheed PV-1 Ventura
U.S. Navy Photo

     On the morning of June 24, 1943, a U. S. Navy PV-1 Ventura, (Bu. No. 33146), with five men aboard, left Quonset Point Naval Air Station for a training flight. 

     Those aboard included:

     Pilot: Lt. (Jg.) David William Gottlieb, age 22.

     Co-pilot: Lt. (Jg.) Thomas F. DeVane, age 22 or 23. 

     Radio Operator: ARM2c Philip N. Brown

     AMM3c John E. Williams

     AOM1c Robert W. Welker

     The men were assigned to VB-125, which at that time was stationed at Quonset Point.

     The purpose of the flight was for the crew to engage in a training exercise with a U.S. Navy submarine in Long Island Sound.  The aircraft was loaded with water filled practice bombs which it was to drop on the submarine while making mock attack runs.  

     While making a low level run on the submarine, the aircraft passed over the sub and began a shallow climb to the left.  In doing so the aircraft suddenly rolled up-side-down and dove into the water of Long Island Sound in an area about mid-way between Plum Island, New York, and Niantic, Connecticut.  The plane exploded on impact and sank immediately in 100 feet of water.  None of the crew survived.   

     Source: U.S. Navy Accident Report #43-7392, dated June 24, 1943


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