Lewiston, ME. – August 29, 1937

Lewiston, Maine – August 29, 1937

     On August 20, 1937, a pilot from Brookline, Massachusetts, was flying a small aircraft with a male passenger over Lewiston when the pilot attempted to make a 60-degree banked turn from a low altitude which resulted in the plane crashing in a field.  The passenger received a broken arm and leg as well as an injury to his left eye.   

     The passenger filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for his injuries, and in November of 1940 was awarded $8,750.  (A large sum of money for the time.)

     The owner of the aircraft also sued the pilot, and was awarded $850 for damage to his airplane. 

     The type of aircraft is unknown. 


     The Waterbury Democrat, (CT.), “Man Given $8,750 For Plane Crash”, November 26, 1940, pg. 10      

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