Killingly, CT. – July 31, 1932

Killingly, Connecticut – July 31, 1932

     On the afternoon of July 31, 1932, what was described as a “large Wright Whirlwind type” aircraft with a man and his two sisters aboard, was traveling from Springfield, Massachusetts, to Putnam, Connecticut, to meet some friends who would then fly with them to Vermont.  The pilot had intended to land at the Israel Putnam Air Field, (located in Pomfret, on the Putnam town line,) but missed the field and found himself over the Elmville section of the neighboring town of Killingly.  Below he saw the remnants of a racetrack on what was then known as the “Sayles Farm”.  Thinking it to be the Putnam Air Field, he came in for a landing and struck a rough patch of ground causing the plane to nose over.  The plane was damaged, but the pilot and his two sisters weren’t injured. 

     Word was sent to Springfield, Massachusetts, of the accident, and mechanics were dispatched by another aircraft to repair the plane. 

     One newspaper reported that this was the second time “this season” that a pilot have overshot the Putnam field and mistakenly landed in Killingly.


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