Haverhill, MA – October 14, 1921

Haverhill, Massachusetts – October 14, 1921

     On October 14, 1921, Peter Pomerleau and Joseph H. Harrison were flying over Haverhill when their seaplane developed engine trouble.  The sputtering motor was heard by high school football players as the plane passed overhead. 

     Pomerleau tried to land the plane in the Merrimac (Merrimack) River, but lost altitude too quickly and crashed into trees at the waters edge off Riverside Avenue.   The plane was wrecked and both men were trapped inside.  They were pulled free by members of the football team who rushed to the scene after witnessing the accident.  Both suffered serious injuries and were transported to Hale Hospital by automobile. 

     Source: Woonsocket Call, “Two Flyers Injured In Merrimac Glide”, October 15, 1921. 

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