Hamden, CT. – December 29, 1918

Hamden, Connecticut – December 29, 1918


     On December 29, 1918, U.S. Army Sergeant C. T. Cato of Waco, Texas, was flying a Curtis aircraft from Norwich, Connecticut, to Mineola, Long Island, New York.  This was a training flight, and the Sergeant was heading back to Long Island where he was stationed.

     As he was passing over the area of Hamden, Connecticut, the airplane developed engine trouble.  Looking for a place to set down, he spotted the grounds of the New Haven Country Club which, despite the name, is actually located in the town of Hamden, just to the north of New Haven.  As he brought the plane in for a landing the aircraft lost power and crashed into a tree.  Although the plane was wrecked, Sergeant Cato was not hurt.


     Hartford Courant, “Curtis Airplane Is Wrecked In New Haven”, December 30, 1918     


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