Grenier Field, N.H. – March 1, 1942

Grenier Field, New Hampshire – March 1, 1942


Martin B-10 Bomber U.S. Air Force Photo

Martin B-10 Bomber
U.S. Air Force Photo

    On March 1, 1942, a B-10 aircraft, (Ser. No. 34-83) made a normal landing at Grenier Field during which the landing gear collapsed causing damage to the propellers and fuselage. 

     None of the five crewmen aboard were injured. 

     The crew included:

     Major C. H. Hollidge (National Guard- Federalized)  

     S/Sgt. W. P. Sargent

     Sgt. W. P. Kenly

     Sgt. E. L. Rajotte

     Pvt. E. E. Rich    

     The aircraft was assigned to the Tow Target Detachment.  It was noted by the accident investigation committee that the suspected cause was faulty brakes, and that other B-10’s in other Tow Target Detachments had suffered similar accidents.

     Source: Army Technical Report Of Aircraft Accident #42-3-1-9

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