Framingham, MA. – July 26, 1940

Framingham, Massachusetts – July 26, 1940

     On the night of July 26, 1940, two men took off in a single engine bi-plane from the Framingham Airport.  Moments after take off, while only a few hundred feet in the air, the plane appeared to begin to circle when it abruptly dove towards the ground and crashed on what was described as a “cart road”.   The 33-year-old pilot and his 30-year-old passenger suffered serious injuries.  Both were transported to a hospital where the passenger died shortly afterwards.     

     The pilot had purchased the 12-year-old airplane only three days earlier. The make of aircraft was not mentioned in the news article.  

     Source: Waterbury Democrat, (Ct.), “Policeman Is Crashed In Plane”, July 27, 1940.  (The pilot was a local police officer.) 


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