Framingham, MA. – December 12, 1976

Framingham, Massachusetts – December 12, 1976

     On the evening of December 12, 1976, a twin-engine Aero Star aircraft with a Husband and wife aboard, took off Boston bound for White Planes, New York.  Due to thick cloud cover, the pilot would be flying on instruments.  Not long after take off, the pilot reported a “runway prop”, which was affecting the airspeed of the plane. His last radio communication stated he was “going down”.

     When the aircraft dropped below the clouds the pilot saw that they were over a populated area, then noticed a large well-lit open area at an apartment complex and aimed for it.  The plane came down in the courtyard of the Windsor Green apartment complex, where a wing struck a small shed next to a swimming pool.  The plane then continued on, plowing through two chain link fences and skidded to a stop on a tennis court.  Although both wings were torn away, the fuselage remained intact.  There was no fire after the crash, and the couple escaped with minor injuries.   

     The pilot was praised for his skills, for the courtyard was surrounded on three sides by buildings.


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