Fitchburg, MA. – August 29, 1975

Fitchburg, Massachusetts – August 29, 1975

     On August 29, 1975, a student pilot completing a solo flight was approaching to land at Fitchburg Airport in a Cessna 150.  Meanwhile, another student pilot and instructor were also approaching the same runway in another Cessna 150 from the same direction, and neither pilot was aware of the others presence.  As the two planes were about to land, the aircraft with the student and instructor aboard came down on top of the other aircraft, slicing into its fuel tank and becoming “locked” to the other plane.  Fortunately the lone student pilot kept calm, and landed with the other plane on top of his own.  There was no fire, and all three persons involved escaped without injury.    


     Providence Journal Bulletin, “Piggyback Planes Land With No Injuries”, August 30, 1975

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