Falmouth, MA – January 8, 1962

Falmouth, Massachusetts – January 8, 1962 

     On January 8, 1962, 1st Lt. Kenneth L. Winden was piloting an H-21 “Flying Banana” helicopter over Falmouth when the aircraft suddenly lost power.  Sighting a ball field in Falmouth Heights, he aimed the craft for it.  Unfortunately the ground was very soft, and the two main wheels dug into the mushy playing field, causing the craft to lurch forward and turn on its side. 

     Others aboard the helicopter included 2nd Lt. W. P. Bowers, and A2c B. P. Bowell.  There were no injuries.   

     The helicopter was extensively damaged and had to be brought back to Otis by truck.  

Source: Falmouth Enterprise, “Copter Crashes In Ball Field Landing”, January 9, 1962. 


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