Everett, MA. – August 7, 1947

Everett, Massachusetts – August 7, 1947

     On August 7, 1947, a single-motor Stinson aircraft with four people aboard was in route from Montreal, Canada, to the Bedford Airport in Bedford, Massachusetts.  Those aboard included the 23-year-old pilot, a 46-year-old Boston man, and his two daughters, ages 19 and 22,.      

     As the plane was approaching the metro-Boston area it encountered a low cloud ceiling and heavy fog conditions.  According to witnesses, the aircraft was at an altitude of about 200 feet, with its engine sputtering, as it passed over the town of Everett. Then the engine stopped completely.  As the plane was gliding over the Beacon Oil Refinery it suddenly dropped directly into the center of a large gas-fume chimney.  The wings were sheared off as the plane dove into the 10-foot wide, 25-foot tall chimney and when it hit bottom it caught fire.  All aboard perished.    

     Source: The Nashua Telegraph, “4 Die As Plane Hits Chimney – Part Of Ship Stuck In Chimney”, August 7, 1947, page 1.



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