East Granby, CT – March 20, 1969

East Granby, Connecticut – March 20, 1969

     On January 15, 2017, a Connecticut resident contacted New England Aviation History to inquire about the red and white fuselage of a civilian aircraft that they’d found while hiking in the woods of East Granby.  (Name withheld to protect their privacy. )

     Photos of the aircraft showed the registration number to be N8019Z.  Additionally, there is a bird logo with the name “Utililine” underneath it on the side of the fuselage.

    According to the National Transportation & Safety Board (NTSB) website, the aircraft is a Cessna U206 that went down in the woods on March 20, 1969.  The lone pilot aboard survived, but the plane was determined to be “damaged beyond repair”, and was evidently left where it fell.  Over the years scavengers have removed the interior and pieces of the exterior of the aircraft.   

     The registration number of this aircraft has since been re-issued to another plane.

     This information is provided here to assist others who may happen upon the fuselage and wonder about the story behind it.     

     Sources: NTSB website, www.NTSB.gov, NTSB ID # NYC69FO385

                     Aviation Safety Network, https:://aviation-safety.net


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