Charlestown, R. I. – June 26, 1947

Charlestown, Rhode Island – June 26, 1947


TBM-3E Avenger
U. S. Navy Photo

     On June 26, 1947, the pilot of a navy TBM-3E Avenger, (Bu. No. 53878), was engaged in a glide angle calibration test over the Charlestown Naval Auxiliary Air Field.  The dive was begun at 6,500 feet, and the pilot pulled out at 3,000 feet, at which time the landing gear dropped on its own when it should have remained in the “up” position.   The pilot notified the control tower and, and was cleared to make an emergency landing.  The plane made a normal landing, but after covering 450 feet of the runway the landing gear suddenly collapsed, and the aircraft skidded on its belly to a stop.  Although the aircraft was significantly damaged, the pilot and radio operator were not hurt.    

     Source: U. S. Navy accident report dated June 26, 1947.

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