Canaan, VT. – July 3, 1921

Canaan, Vermont – July 3, 1921

     The town of Canaan, Vermont, had scheduled a 4th of July celebration, part of which would include an aerobatic show    involving a lone stunt pilot.   On July 3rd, a “Lieutenant Swan” arrived with his airplane, and as he was practicing some aerial maneuvers, his plane caught fire and he made an emergency landing.  Swan escaped without injury but the aircraft was destroyed by fire.   

     An idea was put forth to contact Old Orchard Beach, Maine, and request the services of famous aviator Harry Jones to give an exhibition.  Jones agreed, and took off for Vermont with a companion, but got lost in clouds as they approached the White Mountains.  Seeing a break in the clouds, they landed in North Stratford, New Hampshire, to obtain directions and refuel.  Resuming his journey, they once again encountered thick clouds, and subsequently went down in the water of the Connecticut River.  Both Jones and his companion escaped unhurt, but the plane did not make it to Canaan.   

     It should be noted that the companion was flying the plane at the time of the accident. 

     Source: The Brattleboro Daily Reformer, (VT.), “Two Airplanes Lost – Unable To Give Scheduled Exhibition In Canaan On Fourth”, July 6, 1921, pg. 1

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