Brockton, MA – October 4, 1905

Brockton, MA – October 4, 1905   

Knabenshue’s Airship

     On October 4, 1905, Roy Knabenshue, was giving a demonstration of his airship at the Brockton Fair in Brockton, Massachusetts.  Almost immediately after takeoff the engine began to misfire and Knabenshue lost steering control.  The ship drifted into a flagpole atop a barn tearing the netting atop the gas bag.  Fortunately Knabenshue’s assistants came to his aid, and he dropped ropes which allowed them to bring down in for a safe landing.   

     The ship was repaired and flew again later.


(Woonsocket) Evening Reporter, “Air Ship Met With Mishap”, October 4, 1905, Pg. 2

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