Bristol, CT. – July 26, 1925

Bristol, Connecticut – July 26, 1925

     On July 26, 1925, a pilot was giving airplane rides from Pons Filed in Bristol, Connecticut.  The pilot had been giving rides throughout the day without mishap.  In the mid-afternoon the pilot took off with two passengers aboard, and climbed to a 2,000 ft. altitude.  As the aircraft was passing over the vicinity of Pine Street in Bristol, it reportedly hit and “air pocket” and lost altitude.  Before the pilot could recover the plane it crashed into a home on Pine Street tearing away part of the front veranda and roof as well as breaking some windows.  The aircraft was destroyed, but did not burn, and remarkably the pilot and his passengers escaped with non-life-threatening injuries.   Nobody in the house was injured.  

     The type of aircraft was not stated. 


     New Britain Herald, (Photo of house with story) “House On Pine Street, Bristol, After Airplane Hit It”, July 27, 1925 



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