Branford, Ct., – October 5, 1928

Air Mail Pilot Forced Landing – October, 1928

Branford, Connecticut

      On the morning of October 5, 1928, U.S. Air Mail pilot Jack Webster left from Hadley Field, New Jersey, bound for Cleveland, Ohio, when he became lost in heavy fog and ended up over Branford, Connecticut.  He circled for an hour looking for a place to land, and with the aid of townspeople who lit a series of torches came down in a field in the Cherry Hill section of town.  Unfortunately the plane was damaged in the landing and the mail was sent to Ohio by train.  

     Webster was unhurt.  

Source: The Woonsocket Call, “Air Mail Pilot Forced Down At Branford, Conn.” October 5, 1928, page 1.

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