Boston, MA – July 6, 1891

Boston, Mass. – July 6 1891 

     On July 6, 1891, 34-year-old Jennie C. Croker of Providence, (Professionally known as Nellie Wheeler) was giving a balloon exhibition at Waverly Park in Boston when an accident occurred.  After taking her balloon up to an altitude of 1,200 feet, she jumped using a parachute.  When she was within thirty feet of the ground it appeared she was going to land on some greenhouses which could have caused severe lacerations if she broke through the glass.  Therefore she let go of the parachute, and fell to the ground landing on her back.  She was transported to a nearby hospital where doctors felt her injuries were non-survivable.


Source: New York Times, “Mrs. Jennie C. Crocker’s Injuries”, July 6, 1891         

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