Boston Airport – December 19, 1925

Boston Airport – December 19, 1925


     On December 19, 1925, a Curtiss JN-4, (Ser. No. 24-100), piloted by an Army Air Service 1st Lieutenant, was approaching the runway at Boston Airport, when the plane’s landing gear struck a pile of iron pipes at the end of the runway.  The landing gear was torn away and the plane crashed and broke in two on the pavement.

     The pilot was knocked unconscious and required three stitches in his face, nostril, and mouth.  The aircraft was a total wreck. 

     This aircraft had been involved in a previous accident in Cranston, Rhode Island, on September 8, 1925.  In that incident the aircraft lost power on takeoff and struck a fence. 

     Source: Army Air Service Aircraft Accident Report, dated January 11, 1926.        

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