Bangor, ME – June 20, 1973

Bangor, Maine – June 20, 1973


     On June 20, 1973, a Overseas National Airways, Douglas DC-8 airliner, (N863F), was en-route from Tampa, Florida, to Amsterdam when it stopped at Bangor International Airport to refuel.  After refueling, the aircraft was given clearance to take off.  As it began going down the runway a tire blew out rupturing a hydraulic line and starting a small fire.  The plane was brought to a safe stop and the emergency escape chutes were deployed.  Of the 249 passengers and crew aboard, 35 suffered injuries during the emergency evacuation.  One woman suffered a broken leg, arm, and collar bone, while another woman broke her leg.  The other 33 injured passengers were treated and released.


     Providence Journal, “35 Injured As Plane Blows Tire In Bangor”, June 21, 1973, page 3    

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