Atlantic Ocean – October 23, 1957

Atlantic Ocean – October 23, 1957


F-89 Scorpion
U. S. Air Force Photo

     At 7:45 P. M. 0n October 23, 1957, an F-89 Scorpion with a crew of two aboard took off from Otis Air Force Base in Falmouth, Massachusetts, for was was described as a “routine air defense mission”.  The aircraft was scheduled to return to base at 9:15 P.M., and when it failed to so it was declared “missing”.  The last contact with the F-89 put its location approximately east of Plymouth and north of Provincetown.  No distress message had been received. 

     It was presumed that the aircraft went down in the ocean.  

     The crew were identified as :

     Pilot: 1st Lt. Cletus L. Corn, age 25, of High Point, North Carolina.  He was married, and had recently bee living at the Bellows Trailer Court in Falmouth.  He enlisted in the Air Force in March of 1955.     

     Radar Observer: 1st Lt. Michael W. Clemmons, age 22, of Kansas City, Kansas.  He enlisted in the Air Force in January of 1954.

     Both men were assigned to the 58th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. 


     Falmouth Enterprise, “Two Airmen Lost On Routine Flight From Otis Base”, October 25, 1957 


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