Atlantic Ocean – October 20, 1944

Atlantic Ocean – October 20, 1944

     Little information was released about this accident. 

     At around midnight on October 20, 1944, a flight of navy planes were in formation off Cape Cod when one plane was seen to fall out of formation and crash into the sea about ten miles east of Provincetown, Massachusetts.  There had been a pilot officer and enlisted radio operator aboard.  The bodies of both men were found floating in a rubber life raft a few hours later.  Some doubted they’d died of exposure because the weather had been mild, however, the region had experienced heavy rain.  An inquest was held at the Chelsea Naval Hospital, the results of which are unknown.

     The type of aircraft, and the names of the two deceased men were not included in the newspaper article.    


     The Waterbury Democrat, (Ct.), “Mystery In Plane Deaths”,  October 21, 1944

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