Atlantic Ocean – August 28, 1952

Atlantic Ocean – August 28, 1952

     On August 28, 1952, an Air Force amphibious SA-16 Albatross left Westover Air Force Base and flew out over the Atlantic Ocean to meet with a navy transport ship, the Glen Alexander Patch.  Aboard the Patch was an American soldier from Nebraska who was on his way home for emergency leave.  One of his children had just died, a second was in the hospital, and his wife needed surgery.  

     The SA-16 landed near the ship about 600 miles off the New England coast, but the sea was rough, and as the pilot was attempting maneuver next to the ship one of the aircraft’s propellers struck a lifeboat that was being lowered.   There were no serious injuries reported, but the damage to the prop prevented the aircraft from fulfilling its mission. 

       It was reported that a Coast Guard aircraft would be summoned to transport the soldier. 

     Source: Springfield Union, “Westover Mercy Plane Crippled In Crash At Sea”, August 29, 1952, page 1.   

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