Ashford, CT. – April 26, 1974

Ashford, Connecticut – April 26, 1974

     On the morning of April 26, 1974, a 27-year-old male pilot took off from Ellington, Connecticut, in a rented two-seat airplane.  At 8:44 a.m. the aircraft crashed into a small home in the town of Ashford.  The plane nosed almost straight down as it came crashing through the center of the roof and destroying the living room area, and then plowing  through to the basement where the nose struck the cement floor.  There was no fire or explosion. 

     Inside the house was a lone 57-year-old woman who was just coming out of her bedroom when the accident occurred.  The aircraft reportedly missed hitting her by about 12 inches.  Remarkably, the pilot was not seriously injured, and managed to free himself from the cockpit. 

     The cause of the crash was not stated.

     The house was later torn down.


     Providence Journal Bulletin, “Plane Rips Conn. Home; Pilot, Woman Live”, April 27, 1974, page 2 



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